Engaged and Satisfied Residents

Well•Spring Retirement Community has a commitment to continuous quality improvement. To assist in this effort,Well•Spring Retirement Community utilizes Holleran and Associates to conduct Resident Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys every three years.

The most recent survey results are in and they are extraordinary. Once again Well•Spring Retirement Community has received Holleran’s Highest Honors designation. Well•Spring’s Overall satisfaction score ranked in the 90th percentile of Holleran’s Benchmark. The highest four scoring factors in the survey were:

  • Staff members are friendly and courteous to Residents
  • I feel safe and secure at Well•Spring
  • Well•Spring cares for its Residents
  • At Well•Spring, I have the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities and program

Holleran’s national database includes results from 302 Continuing Care Communities located in 36 states all completed in the last 24 months and contains more than 71,000 Independent Living surveys.