Respite & Rehab for Well·Spring Residents

If a resident requires respite and rehabilitation, Well·Spring, A Life Plan Community is an ideal place for them to receive that extra care. Our compassionate staff offers senior respite care and rehabilitation in Greensboro, NC that gives our residents the support they need to recover. Supporting and continuing our residents’ physical health is one of our core values at Well·Spring, and we do what is necessary to hold to this commitment, especially through our respite and rehabilitative care.

Greensboro Senior Respite & Rehabilitative Care 

Well·Spring’s respite and rehabilitative care offers recuperative stay for residents with the goal of returning to their independent living residences. This stay can last for however long is necessary for recovery or until a decision is made regarding the resident’s condition. If a resident requires long-term service, then they may remain in our Health Care Center permanently.

Contact Us for Senior Rehabilitation, Respite Care & More

If you have further questions about our healthcare services, LifeCare or living at Well·Spring, feel free to contact our staff today at (336) 545-5468.

Well·Spring, A Life Plan Community proudly provides our residents with senior respite care and senior rehabilitation in Greensboro, NC.