Healthcare Services for Our Senior Residents

In accordance with our core values, Well·Spring, A Life Plan Community strives to provide the finest healthcare services in Greensboro, NC as a way to offer security and peace of mind for both residents and their families. Well·Spring is an ideal place to spend your retirement years, as our campus is suited for both recent retirees and elderly adults and can meet the specific and evolving needs of our residents.

Our senior healthcare facilities are run by professionals who happily put the resident’s best interest first. A few highlights of our senior healthcare in Greensboro include:

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Counseling and mental health
  • Dental, vision, audiology and podiatry services
  • Home Care from Well·Spring
  • Full-time geriatric nurse practitioner and physician who conduct regular on-site office hours
  • 24-hour physician on call
  • Private assisted living apartments
  • Resident clinic
  • Nursing care in private rooms
  • Respite and rehabilitation care

Greensboro’s Only LifeCare Retirement Community

Well·Spring is proud to be a Life Plan Community, and that we offer LifeCare and Modified LifeCare contract options to our residents. LifeCare is a program that allows our residents to remain at Well·Spring with no dramatic cost increase should their health needs change.

Modified LifeCare has smaller fees and is tailored for the incoming resident who are already insured for long-term care or prefer to use their assets in the event that they need higher level residential healthcare services. Both options include use of our geriatric nurse practitioner, physician and on-site therapy clinics, including:

In addition, Well·Spring offers a number of refund options. To learn more about our LifeCare financial contracts, feel free to reach out to our staff today!

Health & Retirement at Well·Spring

At Well·Spring, one of the primary objectives of our staff is to assist the residents in maintaining an active and independent lifestyle. Whatever the residents’ individual goals and prognosis, it is our job to help them meet their fullest potential. We are always looking for ways to empower our residents, no matter their health situation.

If you have questions specifically about Greensboro healthcare services at Well·Spring, please contact (336) 545-5468 — we will gladly take the time to speak with you so you understand all the benefits of retiring at our life plan community.

Well·Spring, A Life Plan Community offers our residents outstanding health and retirement options in Greensboro, NC.